Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Quality Content & Website Ranking: How they are related?

In the rush to rank high and higher, people forget the basic requirements and opt for things which are not good in long run. It is evident that Google keeps changing its algorithms and changes the requirements of contents from time to time. This is why sticking to the standard mean is always recommended.

Newness is Key!

As people are after new concepts, Google is after new contents. It is understood that if you are posting fresh and new contents on your ecommerce website design, then the crawler is surely going to come and your website is going to rank. However, few things should be kept in mind such as website presence on web, market trends and most importantly customers’ requirements.

ecommerce website design

Content Requirement!

There are few things which should be kept in mind such as length of content, grammar and spelling, outbound link quality, videos and images and such more. Writing high quality content is the key requirement and it should be written solely for visitors and certainly not for search engine.

Engaging Content!

The content should be such that it interests people right from the beginning till the end. The writers should create a piece which is totally of readers’ interest and when they come on the website, they spend time visiting and staying on the website. It can be made more interesting with including relevant images and videos.

Required Keywords!

Keyword based writing is the requirement but things should be in control. Do not go beyond the recommendation in order to rank instantly. This is very old and flop method which has resulted in blockage of website by Google. So, follow what has been called standard and take time to come in ranking.

Continue Posting!

Taking break is not recommended in SEO. Keep posting the articles and blogs and maintain the continuation. This will mark the web presence of website along with making the readers aware about the things about the website.

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